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What is a CSR consultant ?

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A CSR consultant is an expert who guides companies in integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the heart of their strategy and operations. They play a crucial role in steering sustainable development initiatives, aligning the company’s economic, social and environmental objectives with stakeholder expectations and regulatory standards.

Why hire a CSR consultant ?

  • Assess the company’s current practices and measure their impact on the environment and society.
  • Design and implement strategies that align sustainability goals with the company’s business objectives.
  • Manage and coordinate projects aimed at integrating CSR principles into the company’s day-to-day activities.
  • Educate and train company employees in sustainable development issues and practices.
  • Prepare reports on the company’s CSR performance and communicate these results to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Verify compliance of company practices with environmental and social standards and regulations.
  • Identify and dialogue with internal and external stakeholders to understand their expectations and integrate their perspectives into CSR strategies.
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  • CSR Program Manager : Oversees the overall strategy and execution of CSR initiatives, ensuring alignment with business objectives and stakeholder expectations.
  • CSR Project Manager : Coordinates teams of CSR consultants by specialty area, ensuring the effective integration of responsible practices into company operations.
  • CSR Functional Consultant : Conducts the analysis, planning and implementation of CSR projects, ensuring that they fit in with existing business processes.
  • Technico-Functional CSR Consultant : Builds the bridge between CSR business needs and technical solutions, such as extra-financial reporting tools, facilitating the integration of environmental management and sustainability systems.
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  • Ability to analyze complex data and assess the environmental and social impact of a company’s activities.
  • Ability to plan, manage and execute end-to-end sustainability projects.
  • In-depth understanding of CSR and sustainable development legal standards and certifications.
  • Ability to follow and anticipate trends in sustainable development and social responsibility, especially with the advent of CSRD.
  • Ability to use tools such as the double materiality matrix, Life Cycle
  • Assessment (LCA), or carbon footprint to measure and communicate CSR performance.
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CSR strategy and transformation consultants generally come from higher education institutions such as business schools, management schools, engineering schools, or universities offering specializations in sustainable development or corporate social responsibility.

These courses offer a solid grounding in project management, sustainable development and environmental policies, as well as a thorough understanding of CSR standards and regulatory frameworks.

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Obtaining CSR certifications can also be a major asset for a consultant, as it officially validates his or her expertise, skills and understanding of CSR issues.

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The average daily rate (ADR) for a CSR Strategy and Transformation consultant is also subject to variation depending on the consultant’s experience:

  • Junior (less than 3 years’ experience): The average daily rate can vary between €350 and €550.
  • Intermediate (3 to 5 years’ experience): The average daily rate is generally between €550 and €750.
  • Senior (more than 5 years’ experience): The average daily rate can be between 750 and 1,200 €, or even more, depending on the consultant’s specific expertise and reputation.
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Projects involving complex integrations, migrations or large-scale deployments may justify higher rates because of the specialist expertise required.

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Beyond purely technical and functional skills, human qualities and values should not be underestimated.

At FocusTribes, we pay close attention to the qualities that make all the difference.
We are particularly attached to the values of Excellence, Commitment, Trust and Collective.

This contributes to the high added value of the consultants in the community.

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Asking for testimonials from previous clients allows us to validate the consultant’s reputation and the quality of their work.

At FocusTribes, this is an integral part of our accreditation process, to guarantee the high quality of our consultants.

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